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Plastic Surgery Clinic

Ottawa, Ontario

This upcoming Plastic Surgery Clinic reimagines the healthcare experience, creating a gentle therapeutic environment filled with natural textures, soft edges, and pops of colour.

The design proposal renovates an existing auto parts shop and transforms it into a fully equipped and innovative specialty clinic. The space accommodates a comfortable waiting room and reception area, administrative areas, five offices, six exam rooms, two operating suites, and a recovery zone. Each programmatic element effectively organized to accommodate stringent healthcare requirements while also delicately navigating public and private spaces.

Upon arrival visitors are greeted by an articulated wood slatted canopy, natural grasses and variegated perforated exterior panels creating a welcoming first encounter and a gentle transition space from the exterior into the interior clinic space.

On the interior visitors are met with natural finishes of white oak, terrazzo tile and pops of soothing blue while curved wood slatted walls and screens add a calm flow and rhythm to the space. Privacy filmed interior and exterior windows along with clerestory windows in the exam rooms allow for interconnected yet private spaces that flow together with textural light. Delicate pendant lights pop against the exposed black ceiling structure creating a lightness while contrasting the dominantly white space. Altogether creating a modern specialty clinic filled with tactile interior spaces, dimension, and balance.

Year:  2022

Size: 8,450 ft²

Under Construction.