Design Approach

We listen

We begin by listening. A careful understanding of the client’s needs and aspirations is followed by a detailed study of the site and context. Investing the time to fully understand the inherent opportunities and constraints allows us to respond with architecture that is reflective of its inhabitants and intimately connected to its environment.

We explore

Good design improves the quality of life. We are highly skilled designers who bring curiosity, ingenuity and creative solutions to each project. Our work creates strong connections between interior spaces and the landscape, often resulting in new ways of experiencing a place.

We make beautiful buildings

From the macro to the micro scale- our goal is to make beautiful modern buildings with open, light-filled spaces. Natural light, tactile and natural materials and crisp detailing figure prominently. Buildings are sited to contextually “fit” and are integrated with their natural or urban surroundings to communicate a sense of belonging in their communities.

Environmentally responsive architecture

We have the expertise to a achieve a high level of energy performance and environmental sustainability through all project types ranging from single family homes to commercial and multi-family. Although there are many paths that a project can take, we simplify the process by helping clients prioritize specific goals through a custom approach, suited to the specific needs of each project.

We use a collaborative process involving all stakeholders, resulting in a shared sense of ownership and pride that is key to allowing us to deliver buildings of exceptional quality.