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OCISO Den Haag

Ottawa, Ontario

This affordable housing building is a family oriented project in Ottawa’s east end. It was designed to engage and activate the local community. The wide range of building unit types provides the strength of diversity by creating an environment where families of all sizes can interact. It is built with a 2 storey townhouse podium at the lower level and 6 storeys of apartment units above. A multi-purpose community space on the second level is open onto a double height lobby below. The lobby is conceived as an “urban street” that will pass right through the building.

The exterior of the building is grounded by the brick base on top of which sits the lighter coloured apartment mass. A change of massing, material and colour between the townhouse podium and the apartments above clearly communicates their respective character and use. Unit layout has been organized such that none of the living spaces face north to maximize day lighting opportunities. Patio doors and operable windows offer residents a connection with the outdoors.

Outdoor spaces were a priority in the overall design of the site – and included a children’s play area, patio, BBQ area, bike storage and a garden.
Designed to meet LEED Silver standard, an integrated design approach was used to create a holistic sustainable strategy for this project. Water management, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainable landscaping, and transportation issues were all part of initial discussions and consultations.

Year: 2015
Size: 71,000 sq.ft.
Photography: JVL Photography