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Manotick Medical Centre

Manotick, Ontario

The design of this mixed use Medical Centre in Manotick was formed around finding the right balance between addressing Manotick’s Main street, while keeping a rural riverfront expression and scale.

The building is L shaped, with the taller, 2 storey portion of the building housing the medical clinic on the main floor and a yoga studio and physiotherapy clinic above. It extends towards the street and addresses the Main street. The lower single storey portion, a spa treatment centre, stretches across the property to take full advantage of the views to the river and to preserve privacy.

The nature of the proposed businesses benefit from direct views to the river and its natural setting, and, in order to protect these views, the parking is located at the front of the property. The parking area has been designed to be discreet by use of stone walls and natural landscaping.

Year:  2021

Project is under development.