+ Project Details

Fraser Infill

Ottawa, Ontario

This modern home takes advantage of its sloping site by inserting the garage into the lower level. This allows the elongated porch and glazed projections of the living spaces to define the home’s character in the streetscape. Subtle earth-toned brick, stained cedar siding and dark bronze aluminum glazing systems form the house’s neutral exterior palette which allow it to ease gently into a more traditional context.

A minimal palette of dark oak floors and cabinetry contrast the white surfaces of the gallery-like interior and its modern art collection.

A generous transparency floods the living spaces with natural light and connects the home with compact yet effective outdoor living spaces.

“Chris carefully listened to our needs and created a space that was exactly what we had envisioned, balancing aesthetics with functionality. The process was exciting and the end product is truly a dream home that is very contemporary but blends well within the community.”

– Homeowners

Awards: Best Custom Urban Infill, 2011 Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association
Year: 2010
Size: 2,900 sq.ft.
Photography: Peter Fritz