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Eco River Lodge

Wakefield, Quebec

The “Eco River Lodge”, an exclusive boutique resort, is an expansion to the existing Wakefield Mill – that began its historic journey in 1838 as a flour mill and was restored as a country inn and spa in 2001. The design of the new building is a modern take of a more traditional country inn and blends beautifully with the natural surroundings and faces out over the river.

This building is designed with a focus on environmental sustainability. Built into the side of a hill and with a passive solar design for optimum use of natural light, the building includes 13 guest rooms and a striking conference room – all with southern exposures. Other efficiencies include a green roof that will house honey bee hives and geo-thermal heating and cooling. It was LEED certified in 2014.

In joint venture with Lapalme architecte, Gatineau

Year: 2012
Photography: Peter Fritz