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Cliff Top Cottage

Lac St. Pierre, Quebec

The initial concept of creating a cottage incorporating a sculptural expression was requested directly by the client and property owner. The client’s deep design interest was also accompanied by an interest in creating something unique on this dramatic cliff-top site that overlooks Lac St. Pierre in Quebec.

The outer form has a simplicity that establishes a counterpart to the roughness of the stone hillside. It sits atop the rocky edge and splays outwards to capture views. The main living spaces are split and slightly turned away towards views of the lake. The outdoor space left in between the two main living areas is a protected courtyard – complete with a terrace and pool. While the master suite is located on the main floor, additional bedrooms are located below and carved into the hillside, with views to the water.

The interior is where the walls and ceilings undulate. They form an inner landscaped form that frames the lake views. Although the forms are prominent, the use of natural materials works to retain a softness and connection to the surrounding natural context. Wood, zinc and concrete work together to ground the design.

Size: 3,400 sq.ft.

This project is currently under construction.