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Cabin On the Rocks

This 2,400 sf cabin design responds directly to the unique and beautiful property it is set in.  Perched on rock above the lake, each main area has its own individual view of an aspect of its surroundings.

The cabin respects the rocky and textural landscape. The concrete foundation is minimal and relates to the surrounding stone. Weathered steel cladding on the cabin is natural, and like the surrounding landscape, changes over time.

The floor plan is a variation of a courtyard layout. Centered about the main living area, 2 wings of the cabin on either side extend outward, cantilevering and floating above the rock. Each wing aimed toward selected views.

The main living spaces look out onto a courtyard terrace through a wide expanse of windows onto the lake below.  Then on the end of one wing, the view from primary bedroom includes rocks and a screened view of the water beyond through the trees. And finally on the end of the other wing, the view from the kitchen frames another distinctive view of the landscape.