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Ottawa Showroom

Ottawa, Ontario

Currently in the development stages, this stone and tile showroom and warehouse will be located on a narrow and long corner property in Ottawa. The overall vision of the design was driven by the inherent restrictions of the site and the particular use of the building. Due to various site restrictions, the building form stretches along a western lot line, virtually from end to end of the property, and keeps a long and narrow footprint that consumes the majority of the property. The remaining area is required for driveway, parking, loading and landscaping.

Working with the resulting length of the building and proportions, it was important to give the building a sense of lightness and elegance. This was particularly enhanced through transparency and materiality at the north end of the site to ensure high visibility of the retail space of the building. To further “lighten” the building, the long façade is articulated to break up its length, with the use of large stone elements that punch through the glass façade. The southern end of the building, where the warehouse will be housed, is more opaque. Moving northwards towards the showroom and main entrance, the grade is lower, and the form cantilevers – adding relief to the length of the structure.

A simple palette of three materials strengthens the simplicity of the building. It includes dark precast panels, curtain wall, as well as natural marble panel. The dark pre-cast concrete panels are a counterpart to the full height glass and punctuations of elegant stone element. These stone elements continue from the exterior faced into the showroom area.

Square footage: 31,000 sq.ft.